Friday, August 14, 2009

FRIDAY august 14

Today was a pretty busy day. I started off by working on my presentation until I got stuck where I need a little more information which we are working on right now. I took an early lunch to go to Taco Bell with Chris (the intern one) and Teddy. When I got back, I continued to work on other parts of my power point and at 3, me, Chris( not the intern one), and Peter went to the SMFL to be trained on the last two tools that we needed to be trained on. This was my first time not having to wear a "visitor" pass in there so I got to wear my official badge I got yesterday. Pretty much I am going to be collecting data right up until the last minute so I will be continuously updating my presentation. In addition, this weekend I have an 8 page research paper for the Imaging Science class as well as a homework assignment. Should be a real fun weekend.

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