Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday August 6

Today, in the morning, I had the imaging science class, where we learned about motion pictures. The class wasn't too fun except at the end where we performed and experiment as a class using a high speed camera to determine the constant "g" or the acceleration due to gravity on earth. We filled up water balloons and dropped them from different, measured heights while filming them so that we could find the time it took them to hit the ground by using the amount of frames it took and how many frames per second the camera took. We got some really interesting videos of how water balloons break and extremely slow motion videos of them doing it. In the afternoon, I continued work on reporting our progress with the vortex lens, which is constantly being updated and never finished, because we are still working on the project itself. I also need to start working on my final presentation for the 21st because it is coming up pretty quickly. I finally have a time to get safety trained in the MicroE building, something I ahve been trying to do all summer, but haven't had the chance to do. I go at 10:00 on Monday.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great summer... I can't wait to hear about what all you learned and did this fall!