Wednesday, July 8, 2009

day 3

After the staff meeting today, "A Team" collected our T shirts for winning the competition from the first day and then I had to continue to study the safety manual. Luckily, I found practice questions on the website and these were able to help guide me. I need to pass some sort of multiple choice test in order to be allowed to do anything in the clean room labs. I won't be able to meet with the person to train me tomorrow but hopefully by Friday. The IDL programming is still pretty rough but it is definately better than yesterday. I am actually starting to know how to do some things on it, and I hope I will get past the learning curve by tomorrow, our last class of it. As far as Optics go, I will not be able to do much tomorrow again because of the morning Imaging class and the afternoon IDL class, but I should be in the swing of things all day Friday and next week. On a side note, I am also starting to figure out where places are on campus and how to get there which is always a plus.

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