Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4

Today, as I was expecting, I was not able to get in the lab much because I had both morning and afternoon classes (luckily this was the last day of that). In the morning, I had the Imaging Science course and we learned about some awesome things like contact lenses, glasses, and laser eye surgery. For some reason I like learning about optics and visual perception more than really anything else I have ever learned about in a class. We kind of have a lot of homework to do but it is my only class and I have the weekend so it is at least manageable (unlike "AP season" in May). Other than learning about the eye and all of its parts, we learned more about light, how it behaves, its properties, and of course the different units associated with it. I brought my lunch but I still went to Crossroads with some other interns for lunch. We then went to the last day of the IDL class where we actually did some things with images that I could understand using for imaging science. We messed around with colors of images and made both 2D and 3D graphs. Tomorrow is Friday, and I will be able to work all day with no classes at all to attend. When I did stop in the lab today, I found out that the guy who has to train me for the safety things left today for Scotland until next Wednesday. So I will have to wait until then to work on the project with the RIT students about making optical vortices or something with polarization. However, in the mean time, they did say that they will be needing some help with measurements of the viscosity of different inks, so I am guessing that is what I will be doing tomorrow. This was a long post for a kind of non-eventful day, but it just sort of happened to be this long so I'm going with it.

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