Thursday, July 16, 2009

day 9

Today was a pretty short day because I had the Imaging science class in the morning. For the most part we talked more about optics and lenses. We also did our first lab of the class which is due next Thursday and we have no homework for Tuesday. I'm not sure how it worked out but it is never a bad thing. Then, after lunch I found myself locked out of the lab because none of the college students that are normally in were there today. I decided to go see what Katie was up to since I knew that she was working on some project on the third floor all morning. It was a pretty elaborate set up to find the wavelength of light or something like that, and we had to put tennis balls under the table top again to prevent interference. Luckily, this is when I found Dr. Swartzlander who was able to let us into the lab downstairs. We cut the polyvinyl alcohol films that we made yesterday, and came up with a new way to stretch them. I will see if this method worked tomorrow because I left a strip hanging when I left and made a measurement. Tomorrow we will have to start trying different solutions to stain the films with to see what ones work best. I also have a tour of the nano-imaging lab at 9 and more training at MicroE at 10 ish. It should be a pretty busy day.

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