Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 7

Sorry I missed yesterdays post, but here it is. In the morning, I had the Imaging Science class again and turned in a 1 page paper, a lab, and a homework assignment. The best part of this class is that instead of a whole courseload, I can just focus on one class. During the class, we learned how to use the scanner (Guppy), although someone broke it when they actually tried to use it. After lunch, I had a meeting to get training for a machine in MicroE with Peter and Chris. They were able to be certified right there, but I couldn't because the guy who is going to train me to even be in the clean rooms was not back from his trip yet. Although I couldn't be certified on the machine, I still could watch with a visitors pass. As Peter put it, it is not hard, just dangerous. We then went back to the optics lab where Dr. Swartzlander was and tried different techniques for stretching the films that we made. Tomorrow I will be using an oscilloscope to try to figure out what different setting do, and do some sort of experiment.

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