Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day 8

Today we decided that we needed more Poly vinyl alcohol because we are continuing testing how to stretch and stain the finished films. There was still a lot left over from last time so we just poured it into the petri dishes to make 10 more of the medium thickness films. This is so the films do not break wen stretched, but also that they actually can stretch. There was also a lot of reading of patents and deciding which chemicals to treat the PVA with and in which order. On a side project, we all went to put tennis ball halves under a table to help out Dr. Swartzlander as he is still preparing his labs. Also, at 1:00 everyone went to go see a presentation on survival rates of E.coli in different foods. It was actually pretty interesting and it showed us pretty much the style in which we will have to be presenting. Plus we got free pizza to make things even better.

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